If you like to cook as much as we do and you are a fan of cooking shows like "diners. Drive-ins and Dives" then you probably have tried to recreate some of the recipes that are demonstrated at the various restaurants.

In watching these shows I began looking at my own kitchen and equipment, now full of "Kitchen ENVY" I started searching for things that would transform my kitchen in to my own personal "Mini D". ( I am Still not sure if it is more Dive than Diner.)

In this quest for cooking in the Mini D- we have found things that work, and things that did not work. So, we are going to share what we found with those of you that like to cook in your own "Mini-D".

We will start with the "Flat Top" or in the home kitchen; maybe you have tried a griddle. Currently I have about 8 different griddles, round, rectangular, square, aluminum, steel, and cast iron.

Each has its advantages, but not all "Flat Top" surfaces are equal. We have picked three to start steel Flat tops to begin. Yes you can buy them right here.

As we develop this site we will share recipes, product review and more with you. We also ask if you wish to share with other "Mini-D" cooks send in your photos, recipes and we will share them.

Oh, yes we have also found one of the key tools to using a flat top. The steaming lid, this lid is great for steaming, melting cheese and we use them to help keep that plate warm for that member of our family who can't get to the table while the food is still hot. (We all know who they are, every family has at least one of those "I will be there in a minute" types.)

Welcome to the Mini D - this is just the start so hang in there as we grow.

PS, the flat tops and lids are actually made in the US.

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